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Open Source Technology Solutions

SNAKI’s Open Source technologies (OST) are enabling process and IT transformation that transforms businesses across industries. We develop Technology Architecture and customized as per client requirements and environments, to modernize their applications and facilitate risk free transformation. Our technologies help to minimize customer cost and expenses and provides same experience like other COTS products experiences. we leverage automation and analytics on OST stack to optimize costs as well as deliver tangible business results for next generation managed services and challenges to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing business needs and furthermore with tight budgets, organizations all over the world are moving towards the open source technology.

Whether we realise it or not, open source technology plays a key part in our daily lives. Broadly, the term refers to immaterial goods that are available to any person, at any time, and without (many) restrictions. Most commonly, this is used for software which is available for free as source code and can help small businesses cut costs and save time.

Benefits of Open source on Tech and business

Open source is omnipresent and certainly plays a pivotal role in the tech industry over the years and enables individual developers to profit from build off the work of whole development communities, harnessing that power instead of beginning from scratch. It is a software in which the source code used to make the system may be uninhibitedly accessible to people in general with view, edit and redistribute. Any type of software program can be open source, including operating systems (e.g., Linux), databases (e.g., PostgreSQL), applications (e.g., OpenOffice.org), games, and even programming languages (e.g., Python). Here's more about how open source has changed the landscape of tech development over the years and it's huge benefits for the business world.

  • Quality: A software platform that is developed by endless users usually improves the affection of the artefact as abounding new and innovative features get added and the product gets enhanced.
  • Reliability: Open source is consistently under continuous review, which leads to added more fidelity of the platform. Programs like Apache, DNS, HTML and Perl have proven to be robust and reliable even under austere conditions.
  • Flexibility: The biggest benefit of open source is that it offers abundant adaptability to use the platform according to your needs. Interoperability and connectivity with the existing infrastructure or the platform is easier to attain and it additionally offers the alternative to the users to accomplish changes to its features.
  • Group-Oriented: Open-source software is the cooperative based technology. It utilizes the grassroots action of web development and app development. As such, no one has the adequacy to adapt the software.

We do the implementation for the following technologies:

  • Oracle open source technology stack like Java/J2EE based solutions
  • Microsoft technology stack like dot net, asp.net, silverlight etc.
  • Business Analytics tool like pantaho.
  • Other web based technology stack like PHP, Angular js
  • Webservices integration like REST API, SOAP API
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Sever based scripting like Node.js
  • Mobility technology like Android

Open source is not reliant on the organization or artist that basically produced it. The future belongs to the open source technology (OST) and a decision to change from proprietary system will have to be made or perish, Besides, it has been facilitating operations in e-Governance by the State Government with respect to family cards, property registers, land records, ration shop administration etc.


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